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Starter Wordpress Websites from £99.00.


What To Send Us:

We can help you with all aspects of web content for your site
just Contact Us if you have any questions at all.

[contentbox headline=”You don’t need all your content ready straight away to get online!” type=”info”]If you don’t have all your content ready to send us yet, don’t worry just send us what you have, even if it is just a brief description of your business and a photo or two.
We then secure a good Domain Name for you & set-up your new Website with content on the Home & Contact pages, any other  pages will be ready for your content when you send it to us later.
This way your new website will be being indexed by the Search Engines such as Google while you are getting your content together without any rush. [/contentbox]

You will need to send the text you wish to be included on your Website:
This Can Include the Following:

    1.   Your company name, business type & area of operation for your Domain Name.
    2.   Your Post Code for a Googlemap on Your Home and Contact Pages.
    3.   A company slogan, A catchy description of your company and it’s services usually under 8 words.
    4.   A brief description of your business, up to 50 words, this will appear on your Home Page.
    5.   A full description of your business, up to 500 words, this will appear on your About Page.
    6.   List and description of the services or goods that you provide your customers.
    7.   Your contact details your name, email address, Tel. No. and business address if applicable.
    8.   If you wish to use the Action Bar on the Home Page you can have up to 35 Characters.
    9.   Any customer testimonials you would like included, these will go on to a Testimonial Page (+£35.00).
    10.   Up to 6 images that you would like to be included in your site.


Send any Photos that you would like included in your website:

These will be used on the Home Page Slider and the individual Pages.

Send a minimum of 2 photos up to a maximum of 6 photos.
If you don’t have all or any of your images now you can send them to us later.
If you have a company logo send this to us.
If you don’t we can design you one from £45.00 depending on the time we spend.

Your Domain Name:

We provide a domain name for you based on your business name and services you offer,
let us know any preferences you have with this & we will let you know what is available,
usually you have a choice of 2 or 3 good ones that will work well with Google.
We send you the Domain Name options for your approval before commencing.

Your Home Page:

Your Home Page has a slider with 2 images going to your About Page and Contact Page.
The content on your home page consists of an Image Slider, Action Bar Text, Logo (if you have one) Contact Tel Number, a Slogan and Teaser text from your About and Contact Pages.

Your About Page:

Include all the info about your business, you can send up to 500 words, however remember best to make this short and to the point so as not to lose the visitor to your websites interest. (life stories are best left until later as you get to know them better)

Your Contact Page:

This has your contact details Phone numbers, Contact name, Business Address if applicable and business Post Code if you would like a GoogleMap.
Also include your Contact Email (this is not shown as it it used in the contact form).
You can include extra text on the contact page for any other info you would like to include up to 200 words.

Extra Pages:

If you would like more pages these cost just £35.00 per page, we can offer many other Design and Marketing Services from E-Commerce addons, Photography, Header, Logo & Banner Design to Search Engine Optimisation.


Images are very important to your Websites design, particularly with the Home Page slider.

Images need to be 1000 pixels wide so that they will fit the Home Page slider,
if you need to resize larger images there is a free online tool at

This will make it much easier and quicker for you to upload your images on our Send Us Your Info page.

We can provide a Professional Photography service, if required to get good images of your business,
or supply you with any relevant professional stock images as needed.

Text Content:

With text, less is often more, include all the important info, try to make it punchy & to the point,
people will often just scan text and not read it all, particularly if it is too long.

Each page should have between 100 and 500 words, include words in your text that may also be used as search terms for anyone looking for a business such as yours.
This will greatly increase your websites inclusion in the Search Engine Results Pages such as Google.

Your Text content needs to be first typed onto to a Word-processing program such as Microsoft Word.
If you do not have Word there is a free program Open Office that is more than sufficient for this.

Action Bar Text:

On the Home Page you can have a Call to Action Bar with a short line of text, up to 35 Characters and a link
to a page, which can be your Contact Form page, items for sale or a page with more information.
Call To Action Bars are very popular with web owners as they can help to convert more visitors to become clients.


If you have a Company Logo or any other corporate graphics send them to us using the Send Us Your Info form.


We can subtly customise your websites colours to suit your company profile.

All Colours are used in their Hexadecimal values by browsers on the internet,
although different computer screens may well vary in how they display these colours.

If you have any corporate colours let us know, if you go to
you can get the Hexadecimal values of your colour scheme and send these to us to use in your theme.

Another useful colour site is there are over 500 colours with their Hexadecimal values.

If you are looking for a complete scheme has thousands to choose from.

The website below has a useful article about colour psychology:

2 or 3 colours is the norm for most designs with possibly some shades added to these.
The colour swatch below is basically 2 colours plus 3 shades. (2 of red, 1 of beige)