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Free WordPress Tutorials

Here are a few free wordpress tutorials to help get you started

You can learn how to create a new Post or a new Page for your WordPress website.

Whats The difference between WordPress Pages and Posts.

For visitors to your WordPress website Pages and Posts look much the same, and they are both indexed as web pages by Google.

The difference is in how the coding behind WordPress deals with Posts and Pages.

First Pages:

Pages tend to be used more for static content such as your About page.
You can change or edit this but the web address will stay the same,


Posts on the other hand are dealt with in a more dynamic way, with extra features.

Post are meant for changing content, where you also want to keep the older content, such as news items.

When you create a new News item you will assign it to a specific category such as News, or Fashion News.

You can create as many categories and sub categories as you want, you can also do this when you create your posts.

Using posts assigned to categories allows you to show the latest post in that category with older posts shown underneath in order of date and time they were created.

This makes your content easily to find for visitors to your site even if you have 1,000’s of posts.

You can create a menu item for the category such as News and then when a visitor clicks this they will get a list of your news items in order of their publication date.

Interact with your visitors with Post Comments

You can also allow your visitors to comment on your posts, this makes your content more visible in the search engines due to visitor interaction.

You can control whether or not to allow comments and whether the comment needs to be approved before it shows under your post.

Your Posts also have news feeds.

All your categories have their own News-Feed, this way your content can be sent to other websites and social networks getting your website more exposure on the World Wide Web.

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